Come and join us 27th Batch of Understanding Gita in 18 Days by ISKCON Mangalore

  • Don’t miss opportunity to meet lord Krishna . Come and join us 27th Batch of Understanding Gita in 18 Days by ISKCON Mangalore

It’s an achievement in itself for ISKCON SRI SRI RADHA GOVINDA MANGALORE, as a beginning of a New Era with 27th Batch.

As said, Covid-19, has been a teacher to mankind, as we all know that severe lockdown had brought life to stand still. This itself gave an idea to the President of ISKCON Mangalore, H.G Nama Nishtha Das Prabhu ji, to start with Online Gita teaching. This is the first time that the world got to know of Gita Saar through the Internet, as Gita has a solution to all the problems, this brought in the new concept for him and his whole team.

It began way back in June 2020, where the concept of Online Gita Class took its inception, through ISKCON Mangalore with just a handful of 5 to 6 devotee-teachers. Gita is a manual for life which is very important for every human being , throughout the world, one should know. ISKCON Mangalore has been doing this selflessly since then, till now with all hundreds of teachers at present.ISKCON Mangalore has enlightened the beings with nectar of Gita, and all this *Free of cost*, the response from public is excellent, people are inclined towards spiritual path through these online courses.

-It has operated 26 batches across the world.

– nearly 6.5 lakh people have registered, irrespective of class, creed.

– 500 devoted Teachers and Admins are managing the Online Classes.

– it is conducted in 12 diverse languages.

– classes are organized in distinct age group batches(kids, youth, adult, seniors)

– diverse batches with different timings as suitable to different time zone through out the world.

– courses launch every first week of the month

This is an achievement in itself, ISKCON Mangalore’s this kind gesture of making people follow the Path of Righteousness and Spirituality is much appreciated.

Spread Consciousness Spread Bhagavad Gita. Join in to enrich your life.

To join online Gita classes which will begin from August 8th 2022,
One should click on the given registration link given -

ISKCON Mangalore 27th batch of Understanding Bhagavad Gita in 18 days.

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